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Inflatable Bridge PlugInflatable Bridge Plug

The Permanent Inflatable Bridge Plug is used for isolating zones in open-hole or in casing. This tool is not retrievable.

The Permanent Inflatable Bridge Plug may be used in vertical, deviated, or horizontal wells. No rotation is required to set the packer, however six right hand rotations are required to release the tubing string from the packer.

Inflatable packers elements for this tool are 1.67 m. (66 Inches) in length. High strength aircraft cable is used to provide good expans  characteristics in washed out or irregular well bores, as well as to provide high differential pressure capabilities. In addition, optional exposed cable packer elements are available to provide superior anchoring in casing.

A running tool is required for running the Permanent Inflatable  Bridge Plug into the well, and for disconnecting the tubing string  from the Bridge Plug. Six right-hand rotations are required at the tool for disconnecting.


WATER SHUT-OFF  The primary application for Permanent Inflatable Bridge Plug Assemblies  is to block water production zones in a well. As the life of a well increases, water coning may occur. Also, water production may start occurring from fractures or channels. Inflatable packers  provide an effective seal in open hole or casing, to block this unwanted water production.


  Permanent Inflatable Bridge Plug Assemblies may be used for abandonment  of wells. For these applications, well operators want a very economical, but yet very effective seal in open hole or in casing. For these applications, cement may also be used directly above the plug for additional long-term seal integrity.


Permanent Inflatable Bridge Plug Assemblies may be used for abandonment of the original wellbore in re-entry wells or whenever a whipstock is required.
CEMENT RETAINER Permanent Inflatable Bridge Plug Assemblies may be used for squeeze cementing zones and left as a cement retainer in open hole or in  casing. These packers provide greater clearance for running tools  into a well where there are restrictions such as casing patchesIn addition, the long seal section provided with an inflatable element is re effective in older wells where casing may be partially corroded. 

These packers are particularly effective for squeeze cementing required to abandon old wells.

For cement retainer applications, a check valve assembly or a latch-down plug catcher assembly must be installed at the bottom of the tool.


Element O.D. Minimum Tool I.D. Element Seal Length Thread                                Connections
in mm in mm in m
3.12 79 0.75 19 51 1.29 2 3/8" EUE
3.50 89 1.25 31 51 1.29 2 3/8" EUE
4.25 108 2.00 50 48 1.22 2 3/8" EUE
5.50 140 2.50 63 49 1.24 2 3/8" EUE                 2 7/8" EUE
6.75 171 2.50 63 49 1.24 2 3/8" EUE                 2 7/8" EUE
7.50 191 3.50 89 48 1.22 3 1/2" EUE
9.38 238 4.50 114 47 1.19 3 1/2" EUE