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Inflatable Drillstem Testing ToolInflatable Drillstem Testing Tool

The Inflatable Drillstem Testing Tool may be used for Openhole testing which allows evaluation of zones before running casing in the well.The high cost of perforating through casing and subsequent remedial work for abandonment on many wells, may be avoided by using these tools to perform openhole tests. In addition, the Inflatable Drillstem Testing Tools may be used for cased hole testing which is often performed in older producing wells. Each zone may be isolated to obtain reservoir flowing and shut-in pressures, fluid samples under reservoir conditions, and water content of the producing fluids.

Product Features

  • High volume Single Piston (Double Acting) Pump
  • Low maintenance costs because the number of moving parts is significantly reduced
  • External ports allow rapid adjustment of maximum inflation pressure used in Packers
  • External ports allow Cartridge Check Valves to be replaced quickly
  • Integral Fluid Bypass Passage allows equalized pressure above the Top Packer and below the Bottom Packer at all times
  • Resettable without tripping
  • Used for Openhole and Cased Hole applications
  • Multiple flow periods and shut-in periods with each zone tested
  • Precise subsurface data using Electronic Instrumentation
  • Packer inflation pressure recorder on Drillstem Tests
  • No Bridge Plugs required for testing multiple zones in older              producing wells
Tool Sizes                  Available
O.D. (mm) O.D. (in) Hole Size (mm) Hole Size (in)
79 3.12 95 - 120 3.75 - 4.75
108 4.25 120 - 165 4.75 - 6.50
127 5.00 158 - 311 6.12 - 12.25