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hydraulicExternal Casing Packer Accessories

Hydraulic Stage Collar

The Hydraulic Stage Collar is used to effectively cement an upper section of the casing string above an External Casing Packer (ECP) assembly. In some cases, a lead slurry is circulated around the lower section of the casing string. For other applications, slotted liners or barefoot completions make cementing below the ECP unecessary or undesirable.

The stage collar is hydraulic opening. Circulating ports are opened by continuing to apply internal casing pressure after the ECP is set. Normally, pressure required for opening the circulating ports is adjusted to about 500 PSI (3.5 MPa) greater than the ECP operating pressure. Circulating ports are closed by the cement displacement plug. The port closing sleeve is positively locked in position after cementing. Internal parts are easily drilled to provide a full opening bore through the port collar assembly.

  • Constructed with alloy grade steel
  • Easy to change shear pins
  • Aluminum internal parts are easily drilled out.
  • Effective in blocking the Migration of Gas when used with ECP
  • Effective in preventing cement loss to thief zones when used
    with ECP


ile running the casing string in the hole and during the cementing of the first stage, the stage collar remains in the closed position. The first-stage flexible plug passes through the stage collar without actuating the sleeves. To open the stage collar cementing ports, pressure is applied in the casing to shear the opening sleeve shear screws and to move the sleeve down to expose cementing ports.

Second-stage cement is then pumped and displaced with the closing plug. The closing plug lands on the closing sleeve seat and pressure is applied to shear the closing sleeve shear pins and force the sleeve down to close the cementing ports. The closing sleeve is permanently latched in the closed position.