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straddle cup toolExternal Casing Packer Accessories

Straddle Cup Tool

The Cup Tool assembly is used for selectively inflating External Casing Packers (ECP). This tool assembly is run into the well on a tubing string. Dual opposing cups are then positioned across the ECP valve body, and pressure is applied to inflate the packer. A collar locator is normally run with this tool in order to position the cups at the proper setting depth.

The cup tool allows ECPs to be inflated with normal fluid or with cement. Latch down plugs are used to separate the cement slurry from wellbore fluids. Also, latch down plugs provide a positive indication when the plug lands at the tool.

The cup tool may also be used for cementing above a slotted liner. By using this tool, there are no cement losses to the slotted liner, and no drillout is required after cementing the casing in place.

The cup tool assembly may be used in vertical, deviated or horizontal wells.

  • Allows users to set multiple ECPs in a single trip into the well.
  • Allows reverse circulations after setting which reduces the
    chance of blowouts.
  • Dual opposing cups ensure positive zone isolation downhole.


  • Setting ECPs
  • Inflating Packers with cement
  • Cementing slotted liner


The cup tool assembly is run downhole with a collar locator threaded to the top of the tool and a plug catcher sub located at the bottom of the tool.

As the cup tool is run into the well, the tubing is allowed to fill. The well may be circulated at any time while the tool is being run in. Also, fluid bypass ports around the cups allow pressure to be equalized across the tool at all times.

The collar locator is used to determine the correct setting depth of the cup tool. Short marer joints provide a poitive indication of tool depth.

In order to apply pressure between the dual opposing cups, it is necessary to pump a latch down plug to the tool. When the plug reaches the tool, pressure may be increased to set the packer. After the packer has been set, additional pressure is applied to shear the latch down plug into the plug catcher sub. The tubing may be reverse circulated once the latch down plug has been sheared.

The cup tool may then be positioned across another packer and the procedure may be repeated, or the tool may be retrieved from the well.