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inflatable circulating packerInflatable Circulating Packers (ICP)

The Inflatable Circulating Packer Assembly (ICP) is used to establish circulation quickly when running casing strings into wells. When this packer is used, it is unnecessary to install a circulating head or other casing fill-up devices to obtain circulation.

ICP tools are adaptable for top-drive and non-top drive rigs. A self-contained air-hydraulic inflation pump is supplied for inflating packer elements quickly. A check valve assembly located at the bottom of the tool prevents drilling mud spillage on the rig floor.

Inflatable packers elements for the ICP provide a 4-foot (1.22 m) seal length, and are available for casing sizes that range from 4 ½” (114 mm) to 20” (508 mm). A large internal bore allows high mud circulation rates.

Running Procedures

The ICP is connected directly to the Top Drive Unit or Kelly, and positioned inside the top joint of casing. Pump drilling mud through the packer until the casing is full. The check valve assembly will close when pumping is stopped. 

Pressure is applied to the packer using the supplied air-hydraulic pump. Once the packer element is fully inflated, mud is then circulated down the casing. Casing string may be lowered while circulating.

Features & Benefits

  • System allows circulation to be established quickly without the need for threading circulating heads or other devices to the casing string.
  • Inflatable Packer Elements provide sealing over a wide range of casing sizes to 20” (508 mm).
  • Sturdy Tool Joint connections are used in the tool for easy makeup and disassembly on rig floor.
  • System is adaptable for top-drive and non-top drive rigs.
  • Check valve assembly prevents mud loss and spillage on the rig floor.
  • Large internal bore allows high circulation rates.