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When an employee has a professional as well as personal interest, such competing interests make it difficult to fulfill his/her duty impartially. The Company shall not permit conflict of interests to exist among its directors and employees,
except under guidelines and/or procedures approved by the Board of Directors. Each employee must avoid any personal activity, investment or association which could appear to interfere with good judgment concerning the company's best interests. You may not exploit your position or relationship with the company for personal gain. You should avoid even the appearance of such a conflict. For example, there is a likely conflict of interest if you:

  •  A director or employee accepts a gift, meal or entertainment that is not reasonable from any person or firm having current or prospective dealings with the Company (such as a supplier or contractor) and gifts, meals and entertainment given or provided to our customers, suppliers or contractors are to be fully authorized by a Company Director or nominated officer.
  •  A male manager dates a female employee who reports to him.


  •  A manager hires a relative or close friend that reports to him.


  •  Investments in other Enterprises with which the Company does Business or Competes.


  •  Cause the company to engage in business transactions with relatives or friends.


  •  Use nonpublic, client or vendor information for personal gain by you, relatives or friends (including securities transactions based on such information). 


  •  Have more than a modest financial interest in the company’s vendors, clients or competitors.


  • Receive a loan, or guarantee of obligations, from the company or a third party as a result of your position at the company. 

Compete, or prepare to compete, with the company while still employed by the company.