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Our company complies fully with all international laws and regulations affecting its activities and operations. The company officers, trustees, volunteers, employees, and representatives are aware, and have an understanding, of all laws, rules, and regulations that relate to their company functions and responsibilities and shall adhere to all applicable company’s procedures to ensure compliance with such laws. Violation of laws, rules or regulations or compromise of the Corporation's ethical expectations could result in written reprimands or other disciplinary action, including termination and criminal or civil legal proceedings where applicable.

The Company is committed to the principles of fair competition in the purchase and sale of products and services. All purchasing decisions are to be based on normal commercial considerations, including quality, price, availability, service, HSE and other specific factors regarding the product or service. The Company will not seek, encourage nor tolerate special favors or arrangements that impact normal commercial relationships.


The company’s officers, trustees, volunteers, employees, and representatives are required to comply with the anti-bribery and anti-corruption laws and comparable laws in all countries. Accordingly, the company's officers, trustees, volunteers, employees, and representatives may not directly or indirectly engage in bribery, kickbacks, payoffs, or other corrupt business practices, including offering or giving government personnel anything of value for the purposes
of influencing them to misuse their official capacity or to gain an improper advantage. The company’s officers, trustees, volunteers, employees, and representatives involved in international operations must be familiar with these laws and adhere to all procedures related to these laws. Any suspicion that a payment is being used for such improper purposes should be immediately reported to the company’s management, Chief Legal Officer, or in accordance with
Whistleblower & Non-retaliation Policy.


The Company periodically engages the services of Agents who may interact with customers and vendors on the Company’s behalf. Illegal or improper actions of Agents can have serious and detrimental consequences for the Company and it is, therefore essential that Agents understand and comply with the requirements in this policy and all applicable laws. Before an Agent can perform any services for the Company, the Agent must, as necessary: Undergo a due diligence background. Sign a written agreement which includes standard requirements related to anti-Bribery compliance.



As an organization that provides products and services globally, our company must abide by the laws of all countries in which it operates, including those that govern its international activities.

The company and many governments have laws and regulations that restrict trade and business transactions with other countries, including restrictions on exports and imports of certain goods, technology, and services. Officers, trustees, volunteers, employees, and representatives involved in such transactions shall adhere to all applicable laws and procedures to ensure compliance in
this area.