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The company and each of its associates, wherever they may be located, must conduct their affairs with uncompromising honesty and integrity. Business ethics are no different than personal ethics. The same high standard applies to both.

Our values since the foundation of our business should be met at all times.

  •  Fairness, Honesty and Integrity.
  • Respect for and between the Company work force, (officers, employees and contractors),

Customers and Suppliers.

  • Safety of People, Property and the Environment.
  •  Maintaining the highest standards of Business Conduct and Ethics, Anti-Corruption andBusiness Conduct Policy and Confidential Information Policy, all of which apply to the company, its Directors and all its work force. 

Conduct that may raise questions as to the Company’s or of any of its director's or Employee's honesty, integrity, impartiality, or reputation is prohibited. Any activity, conduct, or transaction that is or may appear to be unethical, illegal or improper business conduct must be avoided at all times.



The range and quantity of business ethical issues reflects the interaction of profit-maximizing behavior with non-economic concerns. It is the policy of the company to comply with all applicable laws, rules and regulations. The workforce is to deal honestly and adhere to the highest level of ethical standards in all business activities at all times in order to earn and keep the trust of our customers, and everyone we impact in our business activities.

Ethics and compliance training is given to all Company employees and contractors to ensure that the highest possible standards are met and that all applicable laws and regulations are complied with wherever we operate. This Code of Business Ethics applies to the Board of Directors, the Company, and all employees, all of whom are required to adhere to its terms. The Code’s standards and requirements will be provided to and followed by the Company’s agents and
representatives, including consultants.


The Company strives to consistently improve safety, asset reliability, operating efficiency, and the environments protection. Our quality management systems serve to document the processes by which we will conduct our daily operations and to provide a means of assuring consistent performance through the management of change. The Company is committed to fulfill the highest possible level of excellence in HSE, operations, engineering, Supply Chain Management, personnel and maintenance. We are committed to improve all of our business activities to better serve our customers.


Our company well-identified Safety and health hazards associated with work, assessed the level of risks involved, and prioritized measures to control hazards and reduce risks.

The Company is committed to the highest possible level of safety, environmental, operational and financial performance. To minimize risk the company supplies the most advanced specification of rigs and equipment available, and ensures that they are maintained in good working order. All employees are fully qualified and given the required training when required and all rigs are audited on a regular basis to ensure that policies and procedures are followed and that crew members and contractors use equipment safely and properly.


The company adopts a system of people, activities, information, and resources involved in moving a product or service from supplier to customer to transform natural resources, raw materials, and components into a finished product that is delivered to the end customer. In sophisticated supply chain systems, used products may re-enter the supply chain at any point where residual value is recyclable. Supply chains link value chains.

It is Company’s policy to attain the best quality materials and equipment in accordance with the customers schedule requirements, whilst ensuring the highest possible level of safety to personnel and the environment.

The Company ensures that all suppliers meet obligations of the Business code of conduct and Ethics by completing anti-corruption and due diligence checks during tendering. The supplier must demonstrate high standards of ethics and integrity in all business dealings and complying with all applicable laws, regulations and rules. We expect our contractors, suppliers and subcontractors to comply with all applicable policies.

The company is committed to provide a healthy working environment. The company expects all employees and usiness partners to show one another equal respect and due consideration.


All employees are treated similarly. Important jobs go to those “most qualified” persons most likely to perform ably in a given task and not go to persons for arbitrary or irrelevant reasons, such as circumstances of birth, upbringing, friendship ties to whoever is in power, religion, sex, ethnicity, race, caste, or involuntary personal attributes such as disability, age, gender, or sexual orientation.


The Company adopts a healthy atmosphere through encouraging open communication between all parties to express ideas freely to one another, such as in a conversation or debate as open communication gives everyone equal participation in the business to success, the company to thrive and the workplace efficiency to improve.


The company prohibits any act in which a person is abused, threatened, intimidated or assaulted in his or her employment such as Threatening behavior, Verbal or written threats, Harassment, Verbal abuse, Physical attacks.

Work-related violence can occur at off-site business-related functions (conferences, trade shows), at social events related to work, in clients' homes or away from work but resulting from work (a threatening telephone call to your home from a client).

All violence, whether implied or actual, against co-workers, visitors or anyone on our assets and premises, or in contact with our employees. Any member of staff found to have used violence should get subjected to a disciplinary action.



The company is committed to provide a safe and efficient working environment for its workforce. Therefore, anyone under the influence of drugs (including prescription medication) and/or alcohol is prohibited from operating company’s equipment or engaging in company business as the substance use affects attention, concentration and accordingly, job performance. Any member of staff found to be under the influence of Drugs or Alcohol should get subjected
to a disciplinary action.


The company does not tolerate retaliation in any form in response to reports made in good faith or to personal intentions. Retaliation includes actions such as firing, demoting or transferring someone, as well as avoiding or excluding the person from professional activities.




When an employee has a professional as well as personal interest, such competing interests make it difficult to fulfill his/her duty impartially. The Company shall not permit conflict of interests to exist among its directors and employees,
except under guidelines and/or procedures approved by the Board of Directors. Each employee must avoid any personal activity, investment or association which could appear to interfere with good judgment concerning the company's best interests. You may not exploit your position or relationship with the company for personal gain. You should avoid even the appearance of such a conflict. For example, there is a likely conflict of interest if you:

  •  A director or employee accepts a gift, meal or entertainment that is not reasonable from any person or firm having current or prospective dealings with the Company (such as a supplier or contractor) and gifts, meals and entertainment given or provided to our customers, suppliers or contractors are to be fully authorized by a Company Director or nominated officer.
  •  A male manager dates a female employee who reports to him.


  •  A manager hires a relative or close friend that reports to him.


  •  Investments in other Enterprises with which the Company does Business or Competes.


  •  Cause the company to engage in business transactions with relatives or friends.


  •  Use nonpublic, client or vendor information for personal gain by you, relatives or friends (including securities transactions based on such information). 


  •  Have more than a modest financial interest in the company’s vendors, clients or competitors.


  • Receive a loan, or guarantee of obligations, from the company or a third party as a result of your position at the company. 

Compete, or prepare to compete, with the company while still employed by the company.


Our company complies fully with all international laws and regulations affecting its activities and operations. The company officers, trustees, volunteers, employees, and representatives are aware, and have an understanding, of all laws, rules, and regulations that relate to their company functions and responsibilities and shall adhere to all applicable company’s procedures to ensure compliance with such laws. Violation of laws, rules or regulations or compromise of the Corporation's ethical expectations could result in written reprimands or other disciplinary action, including termination and criminal or civil legal proceedings where applicable.

The Company is committed to the principles of fair competition in the purchase and sale of products and services. All purchasing decisions are to be based on normal commercial considerations, including quality, price, availability, service, HSE and other specific factors regarding the product or service. The Company will not seek, encourage nor tolerate special favors or arrangements that impact normal commercial relationships.


The company’s officers, trustees, volunteers, employees, and representatives are required to comply with the anti-bribery and anti-corruption laws and comparable laws in all countries. Accordingly, the company's officers, trustees, volunteers, employees, and representatives may not directly or indirectly engage in bribery, kickbacks, payoffs, or other corrupt business practices, including offering or giving government personnel anything of value for the purposes
of influencing them to misuse their official capacity or to gain an improper advantage. The company’s officers, trustees, volunteers, employees, and representatives involved in international operations must be familiar with these laws and adhere to all procedures related to these laws. Any suspicion that a payment is being used for such improper purposes should be immediately reported to the company’s management, Chief Legal Officer, or in accordance with
Whistleblower & Non-retaliation Policy.


The Company periodically engages the services of Agents who may interact with customers and vendors on the Company’s behalf. Illegal or improper actions of Agents can have serious and detrimental consequences for the Company and it is, therefore essential that Agents understand and comply with the requirements in this policy and all applicable laws. Before an Agent can perform any services for the Company, the Agent must, as necessary: Undergo a due diligence background. Sign a written agreement which includes standard requirements related to anti-Bribery compliance.



As an organization that provides products and services globally, our company must abide by the laws of all countries in which it operates, including those that govern its international activities.

The company and many governments have laws and regulations that restrict trade and business transactions with other countries, including restrictions on exports and imports of certain goods, technology, and services. Officers, trustees, volunteers, employees, and representatives involved in such transactions shall adhere to all applicable laws and procedures to ensure compliance in
this area.


The Company is committed to deal fairly with our customers, suppliers, competitors and employees. Although the Company is committed to compete aggressively in our business activities, we seek to succeed over our competitors honestly and fairly through hard work and having the highest quality of equipment and most professionally trained personnel and never through illegal or unethical business practices. The company must never use any unfair practices
to take an achieve or an advantage.


The Company prohibits dealing with any known criminal organization and/or making payments for furtherance of illegal activities such as money laundering and commercial bribery.


The Company will never knowingly participate in activities that directly or indirectly aid in criminal or terrorist activities around the world. This includes never knowingly buy or sell technology or goods that will be used for purposes associated with the manufacture of chemical, biological or nuclear weapons or missiles.